You’re charged with Domestic Violence. Now what?

The penalties associated with a domestic violence conviction could result in a misdemeanor or felony conviction on your permanent record, along with fines, jail time, probation, restraining orders or all of the above. Such a conviction, particularly if it’s classified as a felony, could make current and future employment, as well as obtaining a loan or housing, extremely difficult.

However, a charge of domestic abuse does not have to lead to criminal conviction. If you are charged with the crime of domestic violence, you need to hire a qualified domestic violence attorney immediately.  A criminal defense lawyer can help defend you against charges that may be unfair or inflated, and can offer possible solutions to those facing criminal charges after an argument got out of hand.  Many people make the mistake of automatically pleading guilty to criminal charges when they do not understand the severity of the penalties and they believe they have actually committed wrongdoing.  Using skillful defense strategies and knowledge of the local court system, a criminal defense attorney will work to bring your case toward a favorable resolution.

There are often several possible defense strategies available to fight the accusations and protect yourself from unjust punishment. Some possible defenses may include:

  • Self-defense
  • Defense of others
  • Lack of intent (to cause harm or injury)
  • No use of a deadly weapon

A good criminal defense attorney will examine the evidence, conduct an investigation of the incident, and identify all available defenses in your case.  There are several strategies your lawyer can use for defending against assault charges, but fighting criminal allegations is a daunting task and should be handled by a professional. 

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