Two Important Legal Scenarios in Which You Need the Most Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Possible

Obtaining a public defense lawyer for petty crimes can be suitable at times, but there are certain legal situations in which you can’t trust your future with anybody but the best. Doing the proper research to find the most experienced criminal defense lawyer for your situation is the best investment you could ever make to preserve your freedom.

When it comes to DUI/DWI and domestic violence, the penalties handed down to you in the courtroom could determine the way you live the rest of your life. Whether it be hefty fines or a prolonged jail sentence, a great criminal defense lawyer will do everything in their power to ensure that you get the result you deserve.

Justice is not easy to obtain, and you simply cannot settle for less when it comes to obtaining the best domestic violence and DUI legal representation in your area. Here’s a quick rundown of DUI and domestic violence cases, and why it’s so important to seek experienced defense for each:

    • DUI defense
      Colorado is one of the few states where DUI is not as simple as being proven innocent or guilty. In Colorado, until this summer you could get multiple DUIs without facing jail time, but even the leeway you may experience in some courts doesn’t guarantee that the judge won’t throw the book at you after just two offenses. In the event that it is your first DUI, the fine is between $300 and $1,000, and you’ll likely get your license suspended for one year. A great criminal defense lawyer can help you limit these harmful consequences and maintain a sense of normalcy in your life.


  • Domestic violence
    Domestic violence is an extremely sensitive subject, and unfortunately, the current culture in America has resulted in thousands of innocent people being jailed for a crime they didn’t commit. Colorado law dictates that an arrest must be made if any type of domestic dispute is reported to police, even if it is completely fabricated. The damage done to your reputation from a domestic violence conviction can affect you for the rest of your life, making it difficult to find work or even a new relationship. A criminal defense lawyer will fight for your reputation and ensure that this one incident does not define you going forward.

Criminal defense attorneys go through years of rigorous schooling to learn the ins and outs of these two legal fields, and you need to find one that will take a personal interest in your future and fight for justice. Always remember that you have a right to obtain an experienced lawyer, and these are two situations in which it is imperative to do so.

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