The Shocking Truths About Denver Domestic Violence


For Denver domestic violence lawyers, there are two main concerns: protecting victims of domestic violence from abusers, and protecting the legal rights of men and women falsely accused of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Is A Serious Problem In U.S. Families
Domestic violence cuts across all ages, races, creeds, and income levels. It’s a life threatening problem that tears families apart and traumatizes innocent people. Domestic violence can also take many forms. Most people recognize that physical abuse is a form of domestic violence, but it can also take the form of emotional abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, stalking, and various other crimes.

Experts warn that more than 50% of women will suffer from physical violence inflicted by an intimate partner in their lifetime. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 1,181 women were murdered in domestic violence cases in 2005; furthermore, women experienced two million injuries from domestic violence that same year.

Alcohol and domestic violence are often linked in the United States. In addition to charges for domestic abuse, alcoholics also caused 161 deaths in 2011 in Colorado drunk driving accidents. Plus, the majority of fatal drunk diving cases involved drivers far above the legal limit of 0.08.

Colorado Laws Lead To Innocent Men And Women Charged With Domestic Violence
Because of those incredibly grave statistics, Colorado and Denver law treats domestic violence very seriously, as well it should. However, Denver domestic violence attorneys also warn that those laws result in many innocent men and women being arrested and charged for crimes they didn’t commit.

Because domestic violence is such a serious problem, the Colorado State Legislature voted that whenever police respond to a scene with alleged domestic violence, they MUST arrest the suspect, no matter what. The person charged for domestic violence not only is forbidden from posting bond, they are often given an automatic restraining order forcing them to vacate their home and separate from their children.

Although these laws protect victims of domestic violence, they also lead to innocent men and women getting charged with a life-destroying crime. Denver domestic violence lawyers can help Denver men and women falsely arrested for this serious crime get their lives back. Don’t hesitate to hire a defense attorney to protect your interests.

Because of the serious nature of domestic violence, these types of charges require a serious response from Denver domestic violence lawyers. If you know you’re innocent of the charges, never let a judge convince you to cop a plea before you have your day in court. The best criminal defense lawyer Denver has to offer can help put your family back together.

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