Should I hire a lawyer even if I’m innocent?

Many people believe that if they are charged with a crime, but didn’t do anything wrong, they don’t need a lawyer. Perhaps they are banking on the belief that the truth will come out.  Often times the accused person will speak with the police or prosecutors directly thinking that if they explain themselves then the charges will go away.  However, they could be putting their case in jeopardy because when speaking with the prosecution, their statements can be used against them.  Even seemingly harmless statements can destroy a defense. 

Therefore, when accused of a crime, you should seek qualified representation immediately.  Hire a lawyer who is confident about your case and has a good game plan to win a trial.  Facing a criminal charge is scary and even if you’re innocent, you cannot do it alone. You would be against a seasoned prosecutor who would be able to exploit your lack of knowledge of court.  Even innocent people can be convicted so it is really important that you hire a skilled and experienced trial lawyer to protect your rights and your freedom.  Call us today.  We can help.

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