Need to Hire DUI Attorneys? Complete This Checklist First

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t can happen to anyone: after a fun evening out, you get pulled over, and the officer administers a breathalyzer test. Even though you felt like you could drive just fine, the officer hands you a ticket for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. And now you could wind up paying major fines or even lose your license because of it.

For example, in Colorado, you could pay anywhere from $300 to $1,000 if this is your first DUI if you were over the legal limit of .08% BAC (or over .02% if you are under 21). However, these charges could also result in a year-long license suspension, 48 to 96 mandatory public service hours, and anywhere from five days to an entire year in jail — even for a first-time incident.

What can you do in this situation? Thankfully, there are DUI defense lawyers who can offer you assistance should you face DUI or DWI charges.

    • Make sure you comply with state law. Before you begin vetting DUI attorneys, you’ll need to make sure that you follow the law after you’ve been ticketed. If your license is being suspended or revoked, then you may need to hand in your license plates. In other cases, your driving may be restricted, and you might even have to arrange for rides to get to work or other places. Although it may take some time to adjust, following the officer’s instruction is better than facing additional charges.


    • Gather evidence. After you’ve been pulled over for a DUI or DWI, you should obtain a copy of the police report. This will give you an idea of whether or not the officer followed protocol when pulling you over. If you had friends or family in the car with you, then they may have witnessed how you were treated by an officer or seen any other issues with the stop. Talk to them to find out if they have any information that would be necessary for your lawyer.


  • Find a legal representative. Once you’re ready to begin fighting your charges, you will need to begin searching for a DUI lawyer. This is especially crucial if this is your first offense. Many people think they can fight these charges on their own, as they would a speeding ticket. Yet calling DUI attorneys can often be the best way to keep a driving record clean and avoid fines and jail time.

Make sure you have the right DUI attorneys on your side. Give us a call if you have any questions about your case.

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