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For people, U.S. Immigration, at its root, affects peoples lives, business, families and  professions. Even further, it has a significant role in the individuals mental health and overall happiness. The law however, dictates when and where people can work or obtain gainful employment and if families can continue to live together in the same household or will be forced to be separated by borders. We can dedicate our firm to providing consistent and quality legal services to clients to assist them in navigating the complex immigration process. We are happy to assist employers with the process of sponsorship as well. Immigration status is very sensitive in nature and one wrong move, a mistake on an application or missing information can significantly delay your application or result in a denial altogether. Hiring an attorney aids in accomplishing your immigration goals efficiently and  will provide you some piece of mind that the process is completed in a diplomatic matter.


Family Based Green Card Applications
Employment Based Green Card Applications
Citizenship/Natralization Applications
Applications for Employment Authorization
Asylum Applications
Adjustment of Status Applications


If there is a service a client needs that is not listed here, potential clients, please give us a call to discuss.
Flat Fees:
We handle all our immigration work on a flat fee basis. A  Flat Fee agreement is simple, client’s pay a flat fee (set price) for all of the legal services related to the representation of the case. The cost of representation can be determined, once a client has met with the attorney and an evaluation of the services requested (facts, details, legal issues, etc.). In addition to the flat fee for attorney fees, the client is also responsible for paying any applicable filing fees to the U.S. Citizenship and immigration Services (USCIS) Department of State (DOS) and Immigration Courts. The cost of filing is not determined by our office, that is determined by the USCIS, DOS and Immigration Court.


Free Consultation:
We offer a free 30 minutes consultation on all or immigration cases. Consultations can be scheduled by calling the office at 303-477-3980.


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