Drunk Teen Sets Up His Own DUI Checkpoint

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Over on the East Coast, an alleged teen criminal needs the best DUI lawyers of all time after he decided to set up a drunk driving checkpoint of his own. He was immediately arrested for drunk driving.

The 19 year old from Somerset, PA, parked his car right across a highway and even set off road flares at 4 a.m. on a Saturday. He asked the first motorist who stopped at his impromptu DUI checkpoint to hand over their license and registration. When state troopers pulled up soon after, the teen tried to hand off a BB gun, telling the confused motorist, “I can’t get caught with this.”

Now, the young man is charged with drunk driving, impersonating a police officer, and unlawful restraint. Please remember, no matter how badly you want to do your civic duty, don’t try and catch drunk drivers yourself (especially if you are a drunk driver yourself). Despite the behavior of certain teens, drunk driving is actually on the decline nationwide, believe it or not.

Even so, here in Colorado, the DUI attorneys Denver drivers depend on are warning about new felony DUI laws this summer, which criminalize repeat drunk driving offenses. Even penalties for first time offenders are harsh:

  • The fine for a driver’s first DUI ranges from $300 to $1,000
  • A first DUI offense also leads to a one year license suspension
  • After a conviction, first time offenders can spend anywhere from five days to an entire year in jail
  • Offenders are required to perform between 48 and 96 hours of community service

The best DUI attorneys Denver has can help limit the consequences for a first time offense, but repeat drunk drivers will face more severe penalties now that the governor has signed the felony DUI law.

Of course, most impaired drivers aren’t so eager to get caught that they actually set up a DUI checkpoint of their own.

Remember: the legal blood alcohol limit for underage drivers is just 0.02% in Colorado! Help yourself before you have to hire DWI defense attorneys — don’t drink and drive!

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