Minor charged in the Denver or Colorado Springs area?

Criminal charges in the Colorado area are no trivial matter. This is especially true of underage citizens. While certain records can be sealed or expunged, traumatic experiences in juvenile hall and the existence of a criminal record can negatively impact a minor’s life. That’s why you need to contact C. Robert Biondino legal office in Denver, Colorado, which will help you or your child to overcome the situation.

The Law Office of Robert Biondino, Jr.  has over 20 years of experience in the field. They have helped a high number of good kids exposed to terrible things as a result of overzealous convictions. If you or your child has been accused of a crime in the Denver or Colorado Springs areas, let us help you.

What can a minor and his guardians do after being accused?

There are many rules that govern and restrict what can be done by prosecutors and defendants in a court of juvenile law. For example, no one under ten years old can be directly charged for a juvenile crime. While the nuance and complexity of such a dense bureaucratic system can feel intimidating, guidance from a professional criminal defense attorney can help you. Check some of our services:

  • Experienced legal counsel: You will be kept updated on all situations, changes, and choices in yours or your child’s case
  • Aggressive and passionate representation always striving to ensure no child pays too much for simple mistakes.
  • Extensive knowledge of Colorado law: With 20 years of practice as a criminal defense attorney throughout Denver, Colorado Springs, and several counties including Jefferson and Douglas, we know the Colorado legal system inside and out.

Can the Law Office of C. Robert Biondino help with my juvenile criminal charge?

Juvenile law is highly nuanced and varied from place to place. Every Court has different dynamics affected by variation in law, presiding judges, prosecutors, and juries. With the best criminal defense attorneys, the legal firm of C. Robert Biondino will  help you or your child to get the best verdict if you visit us in the following areas:

  • Denver
  • Colorado Springs
  • Jefferson County
  • Arapahoe County
  • Douglas County
  • Adams County
  • El Paso County

Call the office of C. Robert Biondino today for your juvenile charge

Children make mistakes, but the law is often too hard on them. Do not let the overbearing bureaucracy of Colorado law drastically affect the outcome of yours or your child’s life before even reaching adulthood. If you face juvenile criminal charges in Denver or any of the above listed locations, you need the criminal defense of C. Robert Biondino by your side. Call now:  303-931-5516 to protect your future today.

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