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Domestic violence

Just wanted to remind everyone that our firm is still unbeaten in county and district court, in all of colorado, in any domestic violence trial. I aggressively assert self defense or general denial defenses, and basically prove that no assault or harrassment occurred, as opposed to sitting back and letting the DA try to prove  … Read more

DUI? Call ARB!

Got a DUI, DWAI, or any other criminal charge? Call ARB (Attorney Rob Biondino)! It takes a criminal defense lawyer who knows what he’s doing at trial and when the prosecution knows Rob is on the case they think twice about moving forward. Call for a consultation (303) 931-5516

Is aggressive good for Denver Lawyers?

Some lawyers believe you can attrract more flies with honey. They approach your adversary with kid gloves. Is that good? Ask those defendants who are doing time or paying a fine for the rest of their lives . . . . . . Rob believes in taking the gloves off and presenting the most aggressive  … Read more