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Rob gives his clients his cell phone number!

How many lawyers care so much about their clients that they are willing to be available during off hours? I don’t know of any – but Rob Biondino, the best criminal defense lawyer in Denver will give you his cell phone number when you become a client. After all – problems don’t wait for “office  … Read more

Restraining Orders?

How damaging is a restraining order? Pretty damaging. It can damage your parenting rights and future employment. Don’t skimp on your defenses – hire the best criminal defense lawyer in Denver – Rob Biondino. He knows what to present to reduce or eliminate the harm from a restraining order. Call for a consultation (303) 931-5516

Domestic Violence Charges are over rated!

It seems that more and more men are being accused of assaulting their wives/girlfriends — so why is that so? Well, it does a great job of kicking you out of your house – even if temporarily. But isn’t that an abuse of process – can’t the judge see the charges are false? Not if  … Read more

Do cops every lie?

JUST WON ANOTHER DISMISSAL of DUI charges in Arapahoe. How? By catching the cop in a lie. It happens. You need the best DUI lawyer in Denver in your corner if you need to prove your innocence. Call for a consultation (303) 931-5516