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DUI in Arapahoe? Denver? Adams? Jefferson County?

It doesn’t matter where you were when THEY “gotcha” – Rob can mitigate and in many cases, eliminate the problem. Emotions are high – drinking is abundant this time of year. If you find yourself in trouble – with DUI or domestic violence – Rob has the best credentials for helping you. Call for a  … Read more

DUI and no driver’s license means no job?

If you are facing a revoked license – and your ability to work at the job you have depends on a driver’s license – you can’t chances with a weak defense. Rob Biondino has the experience you need to present your case to the Court and mitigate the potential drastic measures you are facing with  … Read more

DUI and plea bargains

You need a skilled DUI lawyer who knows the law and exactly what can and cannot be done for you. Rob has successfully negotiated with prosecutors that result from everything to dismissal to just a fine and classes. The important thing is that Rob knows the law – and isn’t intimidated when a prosecutor postures  … Read more