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Colorado Passes New Felony DUI Law – What To Know

  Here’s a lawyer joke you haven’t heard yet: Looking for the best drunk driving lawyer in the state? Well, why is your lawyer driving drunk in the first place? Unfortunately, if you really are looking for a DUI attorney to represent you in Colorado, then life is about to get even more difficult. Colorado  … Read more

What now?

You can’t believe it – you were charged with crimes that you are SURE you didn’t do. But it’s your word against a cop. Do you have a chance? Rob Biondino has more wins against cop testimony than any criminal lawyer in Denver. If you need the best experienced Criminal Lawyer in Denver – Call  … Read more

Trial Lawyer vs. Litigator

Rob Biondino has that specialized training and experience to conduct a trial – NOT all lawyers do! That’s why you may find a lawyer persuading you to “cut a deal.” If you know that the issues are important enough to take it to trial – then you need Rob Biondino, the best DUI Lawyer in  … Read more

St. Patrick’s Day not so lucky for you?

Do you need the best DUI lawyer – someone who isn’t going to make you “cut a deal”? Rob Biondino has the experience that “Beats the D.A.” (Yes, he’s an Italian New Yorker in Denver). Call for a consultation (303) 931-5516

A DUI doesn’t have to ruin your life!

Rob Biondino is the best DUI lawyer in Denver. His aggressive challenges to the prosecutor’s attack has helped countless defendants. If you need a TRIAL LAWYER – rather a representative who will make you plead guilty – then you need Rob Biondino who has the extensive training to take it to a jury of your  … Read more