Criminal defense and public defenders

Could it possibly get worse? You got caught. But now you discover they stacked the charges. You aren’t defending yourself with just one crime – now you have 4! You don’t want a deal for dropping charges that you aren’t even guilty of! You want a deal for making a mistake – ONE mistake. Rob  … Read more

Can you Seal the Record?

So you made a mistake – you paid – it’s over. Now you discover that your job application was rejected because of the mistake. Can the record be sealed? Under certain circumstances. Rob is the best criminal defense lawyer in Denver – and you need his skills ane experience to restore your name and truly  … Read more

Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer

Rob Biondino is like no other attorney when it comes to criminal defense. He “calls it like he sees it”. If you don’t want to be sold out – you need Rob. Call for a consultation (303) 931-5516

Rob gives his clients his cell phone number!

How many lawyers care so much about their clients that they are willing to be available during off hours? I don’t know of any – but Rob Biondino, the best criminal defense lawyer in Denver will give you his cell phone number when you become a client. After all – problems don’t wait for “office  … Read more