2008_0310bowsuperbdaysbrendan0186C. Robert Biondino, Jr. (Rob) grew up in Connecticut and embraces the “East Coast” mentality. He doesn’t let the prosecuting attorneys or the district attorney push him around. Rob graduated from D.U. Law School in 1997 with one of the highest scores on the BAR exam in Colorado history! Rob believes that everyone deserves GOOD representation.

Rob is the senior attorney at the Biondino Law Firm. As the firm owner and founder, Rob’s clients have direct access to him–24/7. When you call his office, Rob will personally talk to you about your case.

With over 3,000 clients, Rob has worked on more cases than many small law firms with multiple attorneys.

When Rob is not aggressively defending the rights of the Colorado accused, he is spending quality time with his boys. As a single father, Rob devotes as much of his spare time as possible to his children.