5 Hard Truths The Best DUI Lawyers In Denver Say You NEED To Know

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Drinking and driving is a deadly cocktail, and fortunately drunk driving crashes have been falling nationwide for decades. That’s because nonprofits like Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the best DUI lawyers in Denver, and police departments have all been doing their part to educate the public.

Too many Denver drivers know too little about Colorado’s DUI laws. If you plan on drinking this summer, here are five hard truths the best DUI lawyers in Denver CO say you should know:

  1. The Legal Limit Isn’t Actually 0.08%!Some drivers don’t know anything about drunk driving laws besides the fact that 0.08% is the legal limit, and they’re even wrong about that. According to the best DUI lawyers in Denver, it’s illegal to get behind the wheel with a BAC of 0.05% and above. It’s called driving while ability impaired, and comes with a fine of $300 to $1,000 (and awkward conversations with future employers). Plus, if you’re under 21, then the legal limit is just 0.02%, according to the best DUI lawyers in Denver.
  2. Alcoholism Is A Disease, And Everyone Deserves HelpNot everyone who gets charged with a DUI is an alcoholic. That being said, if a DUI charge doesn’t qualify as a “drinking problem,” then we’re not sure what does. Of course, not everyone who has a drinking problem also suffers from the disease of alcoholism.

    But remember: virtually every alcoholic who has ever lived spends years convinced they only have a minor drinking problem. If you think you just have a small drinking problem, then you have at least one thing in common with the alcoholics of the world.

  3. Getting Treatment For Alcohol Abuse Can Help You In CourtWhile even the best DUI lawyers in Denver won’t offer you any guarantees, voluntarily signing up for drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs can only help your case. Making a genuine effort to seek help and better yourself will help show the judge that you take the charges against you seriously and that you’re making a good-faith effort to make things right.
  4. Colorado Passed New DUI Legislation In The Summer of 2015Until recently, Colorado was one of the only states without a felony DUI standard, meaning repeat offenders could get charged 10 times and still avoid jail time. But no more. Legislation signed into law this summer officially makes repeat DUI offenses a felony, and even the best DUI lawyers in Denver will have trouble keeping a felony off the record of repeat offenders.
  5. Marijuana May Be Legal, But Drugged Driving Isn’tMany marijuana users believe driving while under the influence of marijuana is perfectly safe, and besides, there’s no marijuana breathalyzer, is there? In reality, all available data shows that driving while marijuana-impaired is associated with a higher risk of fatal car crashes. Remember, it’s not just your life at risk, but the lives of everyone else on the road, too.

Don’t forget, according to Colorado DUI lawyers, even starting your car and leaving it in park while under the influence of alcohol is illegal. The best DUI lawyers in Denver can help you navigate the court system after a DUI charge, but only you can help yourself avoid an arrest in the first place. So if you want to avoid calling the best DUI lawyers in Denver from jail, remember these facts before heading to the bar.

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