Charged with a DUI in Denver or Colorado Springs?

C. Robert Biondino Jr.’s  legal office has 20 years of experience in criminal defense cases. He has helped many clients in Colorado area during the tedious process of being accused of a DUI charge. Everybody can make a mistake, but do not let yours define your future.

Colorado has a strict consent law, so no infraction will go unpenalized by police officers. They will likely notice your elevated BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) level before you realize it is above the legal limit. Without the proper help of a professional DUI attorney such as C. Robert Biondino Jr, you could be facing fines of up to $1,000 and around a year of jail time.

What can you do if you were accused of a DUI charge?

Let C. Robert Biondino Jr legal office help you through the process. You will be facing a harsh prosecutor, judge, and jury and without knowledge of the legal system, you will likely come across as guilty, regardless of potential innocence. Check our legal services:

  • Experienced legal counsel: Our  firm will keep you informed on all scenarios, updates, and choices available in your case.
  • Aggressive and passionate representation in court: Your voice will be heard, and your case defended to the best of my ability.
  • In depth understanding of Colorado DUI law: With our knowledge of the Colorado legal system, we can offer you information on your charge and all laws surrounding it.
  • Protection from unlawful police action: We will stand by your side and ensure no extralegal actions are taken towards your case.

Robert Biondino Jr Criminal Defense Law Firm serves Denver and surrounding areas

The Colorado court system is not a friendly place for those charged with a DUI offense. If you have been charged in any of the following areas, you need to contact our legal office for professional criminal defense attorney.

  • Denver
  • Colorado Springs
  • Jefferson County
  • Arapahoe County
  • Douglas County

While the Colorado courts can be a tough place, having representation from a professional who knows the system well can help. Every court has different dynamics, judges, and prosecutors. After serving 3,000 clients, C. Robert Biondino Jr legal office has built a close relation to these courts. Whether you have been charged in Jefferson County or Colorado Springs, our knowledge of the Colorado court system can help.

Do not hesitate to call our criminal defense law firm

While DUI charges may be intimidating, and the thought of facing a Denver or general Colorado court even moreso, you can still fight for a better future. We work with experienced criminal defense attorneys who stand by the principle that all are innocent until proven guilty. If you have been charged with a DUI in the Colorado area, call our firm.


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