DUI Penalties in Denver and Colorado Springs

In Colorado, there are two types of alcohol-related driving offenses – a DWAI and a DUI. Both require that your blood alcohol levels be tested, usually through a blood, urine, or breathalyzer test. The lesser of the two offenses is a DWAI or driving while ability impaired and requires a blood alcohol level of between 0.05% to 0.07% to qualify. A DUI or driving under the influence is the more serious of the two offenses. Both can result in penalties such as fines, jail sentences, and a suspended license. If you are arrested and charged with a DWAI or DUI, it is important that you contact an experienced DUI lawyer who can assist you with DUI penalties in Colorado Springs.

We understand the possible penalties you can face when convicted of one of these offenses and we can work with you to protect your rights and fight for the best possible outcome for your case including a possible reduction in the penalties. However, you only have up to seven days from the time you are arrested to schedule a hearing with the Colorado DMV. Therefore, you shouldn’t waste anymore time and instead, call the law firm of C. Robert Biondino Jr. today.

DUI Laws in Denver and Colorado Springs

If you have been charged with a DWAI for the first time, you can expect to receive between 2-180 days of jail time, 8 points added to your driving record, as well as a fine of between $200-500. In Colorado, a DWAI is a misdemeanor, however, repeat offenses do increase these penalties. A DUI is also considered a misdemeanor but the penalties are more strict and varied. For a first time offense, one would have their driver’s license suspended for up to 9 months, receive a $600-$1,000 fine, and face between 5 days to 1 year in jail. For repeat offenses, the penalties do increase as well as other penalties can be enforced including the addition of an ignition interlock device, mandatory alcohol education classes, and points being added to your license.

Being arrested and charged with a DWAI or DUI can seem scary especially if you have done your homework on the penalties that Colorado law enforces for these offenses. However, our law firm is well educated on the extent of DUI penalties in Colorado Springs and know our way around the courts. We care deeply for our clients and fight aggressively each time to ensure that their rights are protected and that they receive a realistic result for their case. We have decades of experience assisting with DUI convictions and we are ready and able to assist you with yours.

Protect Your Rights With The Best DUI Representation

According to No DUI Colorado, there were 2,612 DWAI/DUI charges filed in Denver County and 2,220 DUI/DWAI charges filed in El Paso County. As you can see, law enforcement are not deterred from stopping individuals whom they suspect are driving drunk. Being charged with a DWAI or DUI is no joke and can affect your driving record, your freedoms, and your reputation which is why you need the help of a qualified DUI lawyer or face a possible suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. Your time is limited and you must act quickly since you only have seven days from when you were arrested to schedule a hearing.

The hearing is designed to determine whether law enforcement had the probable cause to stop you and whether the tests administered are admissible. These hearings are considered civil which means that a lawyer is mandatory and won’t be given to you. There are many things that can go wrong and you don’t want to make a mistake that can cost you your case, your license, and other liberties. Our law firm can represent you at this hearing and prepare a strategy to challenge the reliability of the police and the tests given. We strive for only the best for your situation and don’t want you to jeopardize your livelihood.

The DUI Penalties at The Law Office of C. Robert Biondino Jr. serves clients in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas

We understand how nerve-wracking it must be to have to deal with a situation like this and that you are pressed for time to handle your conviction. Don’t settle for an inexperienced DUI lawyer and instead, hire someone who is well-equipped to handle your case. Our law firm provides only the best legal representation and have decades of experience doing so.

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