If you face a second DUI charge in Denver or the general state of Colorado, your potential consequences greatly increase. Not only will minimum fines and sentencings be set higher, but you are now one step closer to a potential felony. The state of Colorado now enforces a rule in which four DUI charges in a lifetime will equate to a felony charge. With the second DUI alone, you face:

  • Probation
    • Minimum: 2 years
    • Maximum: 4 years
  • Community Service
    • Minimum: 48 hours
    • Maximum: 120 hours
  • Fine
    • Minimum: $600
    • Maximum: $1500
  • Jail time
    • Minimum: 10 days
    • Maximum: 1 year

Additional consequences

On a second offense, in addition to possible revocation of your driver’s license, you face the installation of an ignition interlock device, a breathalyzer lock on your vehicle’s ignition. You may also be forced to wear an ankle bracelet and suffer heavy strikes against your license (should it not be revoked or suspended). If jail time is not immediately set, a minimum of one year’s suspended jail time will haunt you through your probation period. One mistake, and you could still be forced to serve.

What to do now?

As severe as this all sounds, there is always hope in a good DUI defense attorney. If you call the office of C. Robert Biondino Jr, I will fight to, at the very least, provide you the most accommodating sentence possible. Everyone makes mistakes, but no one should have to suffer debilitating punishments for them. With over 20 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer for the Denver and general Colorado area, I know the inner workings of the laws supporting these sentencings. For example, if your prior DUI charge was more than five years ago, your sentence can be replaced by alternative sentences such as classes and meetings. Such alternative sentences can be far less invasive than jail time or probation in one’s life. Therefore, I would fight diligently to achieve these sentences for you. Alternative sentencing is just one of many tactics I can employ as a professional criminal defense attorney. DUI charges, especially repeat offenses, are no trivial matter. Do not handle them without the proper help.

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