What to expect from a Colorado DUI charge?

DUI charges are no trivial matter in the state of Colorado. A conviction from DUI will be placed on your permanent record, making future employment and loan prospects difficult. More immediately, a DUI charge can lead to serious fines, long community service hours, and jail time. However, you are not alone. C. Robert Biondino Jr legal firm, located in Denver and surrounding areas, can help you.

C. Robert Biondino Jr legal office has more than 20 years of expertise dealing with these type of charges so it is ready to serve you with responsability. Your reputation will be at the best hands since you will get the best DUI defense lawyers to fight for you. Visit our office in the following locations:

  • Denver
  • Colorado Springs
  • Jefferson County
  • Arapahoe County
  • Douglas County

What happen to me if I’m found guilty of a DUI charge?

While first time offenses can sometimes get off easier, Colorado judges are under no obligation to do so. In fact, many are harsh on DUI charges, leading to incarceration for first time offenders. Below is a more specific list of what consequence you may face after a DUI charge.

  • Probation
    • Minimum: 0 years
    • Maximum: 2 years
  • Community Service
    • Minimum: 48 hours
    • Maximum: 96 hours
  • Fine
    • Minimum: $600
    • Maximum: $1000
  • Jail time
    • Minimum: 5 days
    • Maximum: 1 year

Testing and Meetings for DUI charges

Along with the aforementioned probation, most Colorado judges will also demand mandatory sobriety with testing. You will be forced to remain sober and drug free for a determined period while subject to random, mandatory testing. You may also be sentenced to attend various classes, meetings, and panels on alcohol and drug abuse. Call C. Robert Biondino Jr legal office to get more information.

More severe circumstances

While there is already a mandatory minimum jail time of 5 days, facing DUI charges with a blood alcohol count (BAC) higher than .20 can lead to a higher 10 day sentencing. More importantly, at any time during the process of handling a DUI charge, a Colorado judge may suspend your license.

What to do

At C. Robert Biondino Jr legal office we understand how debilitating a DUI charge can be to one’s life. Jail time, community service, or suspension of license are hard consequences. Unfortunately, there are many people without the proper defense lawyer., but there is still hope. If you are live in the following areas: Colorado Springs, Jefferson County, Arapahoe County, or Douglas County Denver area, call the office of C. Robert Biondino Jr for professional criminal defense.

There are alternatives less invasive, such as rehabilitation, therapy, or classes that we can help you achieve in a court of law. Everyone makes mistakes. Let us help you ensure that yours does not drastically alter your life and future.

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