Hearing in Denver and Colorado Springs

If you have a notice of revocation issued by a police officer, you have 7 days to go to a driver’s license office to request a hearing.  If the license was not surrendered at the time of the stop it MUST be surrendered to receive a temporary driving permit. Contact the hearing section at 303-205-5606.  For information regarding evidence presented at a hearing. REMEMBER TO REQUEST THE OFFICER TO BE PRESENT AT YOUR HEARING…his non-appearance can lead to a win, based on his reports (hearsay) being excluded as evidence, because the officer is not there to verify the documents.

At the hearing, the hearing officer will make his/her determination of your guilt based on the following criteria at preponderance standard:

  1. Were you in actual physical control of a motor vehicle in the state of Colorado?
  2. Did the officer have probable cause to require you to take a chemical test?
  3. Was the chemical test conducted within substantial compliance and was the test failed?
  4. Were you properly advised of Colorado Express Consent Law and did you refuse to take a test or to cooperate in the taking of a test?


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If it is more likely than not that the above are true, the hearing officer is going to revoke your driving privileges. That is why you need an aggressive and experienced Denver DUI attorney to defend you.



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