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Why You Need A Skilled and Experienced Denver DUI Attorney To Defend You

Many people believe they can fight a Denver DUI alone or with the representation of a public defender. Before you make this decision, it’s important to understand why this may not be the best idea. Public defenders are nice folks and yes, they have graduated from law school and passed the BAR exam. However, there is a reason they are working for a minimal income and defending everyone thrown their way. That reason is typically their lack of experience or possibly that they just did not make it in the challenging legal world.

When you’re charged with a DUI in Colorado, there may be several circumstances where mistakes were made by the arresting officer. An experienced, aggressive Denver DUI attorney has a much better chance of exposing those mistakes, and therefore gives you a better chance of getting a favorable outcome.



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DUI’s are not treated lightly by Colorado prosecuting attorneys. The reason is because when you could have (or might have) injured or killed another individual while you were driving under the influence, you may be considered a threat to society.



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  • If you don’t have the right representation, you’ll get run over. I recommend Robert Biondino as the toughest, most experienced DUI Lawyer.