Freedom isn’t “free”?

Is it just me – or does it seem like there are more cops around lately? Watching every little thing? Whether it’s a misdemeanor or a felony – how you deal with it will affect you for the rest of your life. It’s worth getting the best Denver Lawyer in Colorado to reduce the damages  … Read more

Drugs and/or DUI?

Rob knows the elements to be proven by the prosecutor to get a conviction for drug possession or DUI. With that knowledge, he can protect your rights to due process – and amazingly – often beats the charges. You need the best criminal lawyer in Denver to make sure you have every possible defense presented  … Read more

So good even a judge referred him!

Just got a referral – a client was referred by a Denver Judge who finds Rob Biondino effective, efficient and competent. How’s that for an endorsement? Call for a consultation (303) 931-5516

Criminal defense and public defenders

Could it possibly get worse? You got caught. But now you discover they stacked the charges. You aren’t defending yourself with just one crime – now you have 4! You don’t want a deal for dropping charges that you aren’t even guilty of! You want a deal for making a mistake – ONE mistake. Rob  … Read more

Another Holiday Weekend – Do you need A DUI Lawyer?

It’s gets harder and harder to celebrate! Did you get nailed over the Memorial Day Weekend? If you need a criminal Lawyer for the Best Defense – call Rob Biondino. He’s been doing this for over 3500 cases – and saving people all the heartache and damage from a DUI. Make sure you get the  … Read more