St. Patrick’s Day not so lucky for you?

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A DUI doesn’t have to ruin your life!

Rob Biondino is the best DUI lawyer in Denver. His aggressive challenges to the prosecutor’s attack has helped countless defendants. If you need a TRIAL LAWYER – rather a representative who will make you plead guilty – then you need Rob Biondino who has the extensive training to take it to a jury of your  … Read more


Had a case at the DMV, defending a colorado DUI, and the hearing officer at the DMV was not an attorney, and did not know the law. My client had been sleeping in his car, but on the passeneger seat, and head on the driver’s seat…the DMV officer ordered the revocation and stated that the  … Read more

Can “they” do that?

You may wonder if a cop can ‘get away with that’. Depends —— only if you let them! Rob Biondino specializes in criminal defense from not only the perspective of the accused – but from the perspective of the prosecution. “They” have meticulous protocols to follow – and Rob makes sure your rights are protected  … Read more