DUI and no driver’s license means no job?

If you are facing a revoked license – and your ability to work at the job you have depends on a driver’s license – you can’t chances with a weak defense. Rob Biondino has the experience you need to present your case to the Court and mitigate the potential drastic measures you are facing with  … Read more

DUI and plea bargains

You need a skilled DUI lawyer who knows the law and exactly what can and cannot be done for you. Rob has successfully negotiated with prosecutors that result from everything to dismissal to just a fine and classes. The important thing is that Rob knows the law – and isn’t intimidated when a prosecutor postures  … Read more

Domestic Violence in Denver Area

Spouses use domestic violence as a tool to control the other – especially when they want their soon-to-be ex out of the house. Have you been falsely accused? Abused? Rob specializes in domestic violence and exposes an abuse of process if you didn’t deserve the charges. Call for a consultation (303) 931-5516

DUI Attorney in Denver metro area

Don’t let the D.A. railroad you with his proposal for a “deal”. You need to make sure that you are getting the best defense possible – your future employment, your future driving privileges and your future financials are at stake! Call Rob and let him evaluate your case and tell you what you REALLY need  … Read more

Seal a record or expunge it

Is your past coming back to haunt you? Preventing you from better employment? Whether as an adult record or a past juvenile record – Rob can get the record sealed from background checks. Call for a consultation. Call for a consultation (303) 931-5516