My oh my! You got a DUI!

A DUI can cost a bundle if your convicted, upwards of ten thousand dollars. Got an extra $10K laying around? If you’re like most folks you don’t. That’s why you need Rob in your corner. He’s a top notch criminal lawyer with 18 years of defense experience. Call for a consultation (303) 931-5516

Domestic Violence as a ploy . . . .

Okay – you know that she wants you out of the house so she fabricated assault charges. In fact – the last time you argued – she gave YOU the black eye. Who can get to the truth? Rob Biondino is experienced in criminal law AND divorce law. Coincidently – they are often related fields  … Read more

Domestic violence

Just wanted to remind everyone that our firm is still unbeaten in county and district court, in all of colorado, in any domestic violence trial. I aggressively assert self defense or general denial defenses, and basically prove that no assault or harrassment occurred, as opposed to sitting back and letting the DA try to prove  … Read more

DUI? Call ARB!

Got a DUI, DWAI, or any other criminal charge? Call ARB (Attorney Rob Biondino)! It takes a criminal defense lawyer who knows what he’s doing at trial and when the prosecution knows Rob is on the case they think twice about moving forward. Call for a consultation (303) 931-5516