Domestic Violence Charges are over rated!

It seems that more and more men are being accused of assaulting their wives/girlfriends — so why is that so? Well, it does a great job of kicking you out of your house – even if temporarily. But isn’t that an abuse of process – can’t the judge see the charges are false? Not if  … Read more

Do cops every lie?

JUST WON ANOTHER DISMISSAL of DUI charges in Arapahoe. How? By catching the cop in a lie. It happens. You need the best DUI lawyer in Denver in your corner if you need to prove your innocence. Call for a consultation (303) 931-5516

Accused of Assault?

There are many defenses to every accusation. Reviewing all of the the evidence and formulating a defense takes time. Rob never skimps on a client’s case – whether or not the prosecutor dumps a box of evidence records on him. If you need the best criminal defense lawyer in Denver – the one who takes  … Read more

What makes Rob the Best DUI Lawyer

Why is Rob the best DUI lawyer in Denver? Because he is PASSIONATE about his work. He believes in the Constitution and RIGHTS. He knows how just being charged affects those rights. Rob could practice safe, boring law (like Probate or Workers Comp). BUT HE DOESN’T because he LOVES criminal law and loves protecting YOUR  … Read more

Changing Law and DUI

We pay for a sitting legislature. They sit there thinking up new laws every day. Do you know when the law changes? You dont’ have to — Rob keeps up with all the evolutions of criminal law. He is qualified to prepare the best defense for you. Whether its a DUI, sealing records, assault, domestic  … Read more