DUI Attorney Costs in Denver and Colorado Springs How much does a DUI cost in Colorado? A DUI conviction is expensive in Colorado. In  2008, The Colorado department of Transportation estimated the average out-of pocket expenses associated with a first time DUI where no one was injured and no property damage was sustained. These costs  … Read more

6 Important DUI Laws in Colorado That Every Driver Should Know

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If you’re operating a motor vehicle and you’re pulled over for DUI in Colorado, here are a few of the most pertinent state laws that will affect the outcome of your case: Driving Under the Influence: In Colorado, DUI laws apply to anyone operating a passenger or commercial vehicle while under the influence of drugs  … Read more

When Do You Need a Traffic Lawyer?

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There are times when you obviously need a traffic lawyer, and then there are times when it’s not as obvious. When you’ve been charged with a DUI, you’re definitely going to want the help of one of your area’s criminal defense lawyers. Being convicted of a DUI has serious consequences, after all. You could have  … Read more

Two Important Legal Scenarios in Which You Need the Most Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Possible

Obtaining a public defense lawyer for petty crimes can be suitable at times, but there are certain legal situations in which you can’t trust your future with anybody but the best. Doing the proper research to find the most experienced criminal defense lawyer for your situation is the best investment you could ever make to  … Read more